Get Off His Back

@FourWalls (16959)
United States
October 13, 2017 10:50pm CST
The headlines sound almost as bad as the "hoax" and "false flag" screamers, but these are from "legitimate news sources." "Las Vegas Shooting Timeline Changes Again." "Police Revise Timeline -- Again." "Officials Change Account Yet Again." Get off his back, media. Sheriff Joe Lombardo, the main spokesman who's dealt with the media for the past 12 days since the mass shooting in Las Vegas, doesn't want to be in this position. He's never been in this position. There's no "school" someone can go to in order to learn how to address the media after a mass murder. And hey, media, why don't we talk about a few of YOUR "backtracks"? * Half of the news headlines in 1914 said that most of the passengers on the Titanic were saved, not lost. * A Sago Mine official said that 12 of 13 miners trapped in a mine explosion were alive, when in reality they were dead. The headlines in the paper printed the error. * Rolling Stone campus rape story, anyone? Watch the "live" coverage of disasters (from JFK's assassination to the attempt on Reagan's life to the Oklahoma City bombing to 9/11) and count the things that are "reported" by reporters that turn out to be completely bogus. In 1981, in a rush to be "first with the scoop" (facts be damned), Jim Brady was reportedly killed in the assassination attempt on Reagan. Is it any wonder that we have all of these fringe websites claiming that every fart you let as a result of eating at White Castle is a "government plot" to undermine the country? As I mentioned in a discussion earlier, the "Las Vegas shooting is a hoax/false flag" videos were on You Tube before the first press conference was held. Where do they get those ideas? From a news media that wants to report something -- anything -- knowing they can run a retraction a few weeks later after the damage is done. Sheriff Lombardo would much rather live in anonymity than have to deal with the daily pressures of reporting about the death, injuries, and physical and emotional damage inflicted on human beings two weeks ago. So get off his back. Stop asking him for something before he has all the facts. As Joe Jackson said, "I've got nothing against the press, they wouldn't print it if it wasn't true."
Joe Jackson "Sunday Papers" live
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@spiderdust (7594)
• San Jose, California
14 Oct 17
These days it's hard to tell which headlines are fake news and which are real.
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@YrNemo (15236)
14 Oct 17
Even the gas chambers holocaust has been believed by many as a fib, while Second WW not real, and the atomic bomb never been dropped on Hiroshima Japan ever etc.
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@teamfreak16 (42800)
• Denver, Colorado
14 Oct 17
Yeah, unfortunately, he's having to learn by experience on the fly.
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@TheSojourner (17195)
• United States
14 Oct 17
Are you reporting fake news here? Haha
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