Is the cellphone obsession one of that factor for spoiling children and keeping them away from outdoor games? Is it deteriorating them in further ways ...

@parpande (673)
Bangalore, India
October 14, 2017 2:23pm CST
I recently paid a visit to my cousin`s family , I was keen to see my nephew grown up in that two year spell of time since I saw him last. I witnesses him as that teenager with premature beard and mustache but was unhappy to notice his behavioral change . Instead of spending time and chatting during the tea , he barely blinked his eyelid and was occupied with cellphone.While prompted by his mom twice to stay in the conversation , he reacted harsh . What should be the remedy for such common problem ??
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• United States
15 Oct 17
I would give preteens or older kids a flip phone where they could only call or text. They have to learn self control before I would give them a smartphone. I would also ideally teach them morals, such as respecting people during a conversation, and that means putting the phone down/away and knowing when the appropriate times are to use a cellphone.
@marguicha (102023)
• Chile
14 Oct 17
I don´t have children now. But I would set times to use the cell phone.
• Hamilton, Bermuda
14 Oct 17
Take the Phone Away from Him or do not give him a phone until he able to pay for 1 out fo his own money.
@jstory07 (69875)
• Roseburg, Oregon
14 Oct 17
Parents give cell phones at a early age to play with . Cell phones are a toy to most young children. . Their parents put a game on and give the cell phone to their children to play with. The children grew up thinking they had to have a cell phone. I seen children as young as six with their own cell phone. No child should have a cell phone unless they have a job and can pay for it themselves. That was the rule with my youngest three children. You want a cell phone. You get a part time and you pay for the cell phone yourself.