Too much or too little luggage?

October 16, 2017 4:19pm CST
For some people the "headache" of a trip can start before they even get to the airport, haha. Regardless of the time you are traveling, when the subject is luggage... less is more or do you really need a lot of luggage? Can you relate to that?
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@JohnRoberts (65106)
• Los Angeles, California
16 Oct 17
I travel as lean and spare as possible except on a road trip where you can have as much as you want in a car.
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@xFiacre (5730)
• Ireland
16 Oct 17
@theinvisibleman Why oh why do some people need three oversize suitcases for a one week holiday?
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@MALUSE (44667)
• Uzbekistan
16 Oct 17
I travel light.
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@Hannihar (44331)
11 Apr
@TheInvisibleMan Since I have not traveled in a long time I cannot remember but I think they had quotas on how much luggage you could take or maybe that was actually how much you could bring on the plane. I have suitcases like those. They are pretty good but the handle should not be up if going up and down stairs or up and down curbs it could break it.
@dgobucks226 (14313)
17 Oct 17
I focus on what to bring and put in my luggage rather than how many pieces of luggage to bring. I want to cover all my options clothes wise, but I want to only bring one piece of luggage. A dilemma indeed
@shubhu3 (21370)
• New Delhi, India
16 Oct 17