Do you still use Facebook?

October 21, 2017 9:47pm CST
Social media platforms are stronger than ever and the amount of users continues to grow every single day around the world. But speaking specifically about Facebook (because it's the most popular of them), do you still use it? What is your motivation for this?
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@andriaperry (60892)
• Anniston, Alabama
22 Oct 17
Yes I do, mostly for blogging.
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@marlina (79589)
• Canada
22 Oct 17
No, no and no.
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• United States
22 Oct 17
Yes I use Facebook. :) I just browse!
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@Hannihar (44103)
9 Nov 17
Someone set up a facebook page for me and then I went in and was kind of bored and then I kept going in till I found people that believe the way I do and then I got bored with it. I just go in and check my messages and go to certain things.
@ramapo17 (25792)
• Melbourne, Florida
1 Nov 17
I am still active on Facebook but not as much as I use to be as I am on here a lot. Every so often I will pop in there to see any pictures or if I get any notifications, but most of my time is on here.
• Havre De Grace, Maryland
24 Oct 17
I dont use it like i used to I have met a lot of good people in the past and but know a days there is a lot of people that aint right
@parpande (673)
• Bangalore, India
22 Oct 17
@TheInvisibleMan I do open FB not to chat anyone in particular , rather I would check few interesting updates of specific ppl whom I like .
@prashu228 (25501)
• India
22 Oct 17
Yes to play games
• Mombasa, Kenya
22 Oct 17
Yes ,I do, I have important groups ,very informative that I follow
@rubyriaz007 (4290)
• India
22 Oct 17
Yes I use Facebook. I chat with friends and relatives , and like and comment on their post..
• Cuddalore, India
22 Oct 17
Yes I still Facebook. It helps me to get updated with all the news.
@youless (94189)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Oct 17
I am not active in Mylot and actually I just have a few friends there. So I seldom use it.
• United States
22 Oct 17
I joined late in the game and don't really check it. It's weird to me to find people who you haven't kept in contact with for a really long time and start seeing what they are up to. I also dislike how your feed consists of friends of friends' likes and shares and other stuff like that. I don't want to have to sift through posts that people I don't even know liked in order to see what the people I know liked. I'm more on Instagram.