Problem with Service Provider

October 22, 2017 12:22am CST
It had been a month now since I have experienced problem with my internet connection. It's either slow or none at all especially at night. I have called my provider several times, following my requests for repair but still it's the same. My daughter had called some of her friends near our area asking if they are experiencing the same thing but they have said no. I have told the the technical department of my provider about why some in our neighborhood have connection and we have none. My payment is up to date sometimes I even pay in advance. They said, that they are having problems with some international cable systems and they have already scheduled maintenance activities and that was a week ago and also said, is still ongoing up to the present. My fellow mylotters, are you experiencing the same thing with your provider or you have a steady connection?
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@allen0187 (33877)
• Philippines
23 Oct
Hope you get this sorted out.
@Teep11 (7123)
• United States
22 Oct
Unfortunately there will be problems with all sorts of services. Hopefully all the issues will be rectified. My past experiences with service provides were up and down. We simply have to figure out the best approach when dealing with such issues.
@jstory07 (69054)
• Roseburg, Oregon
22 Oct
We have dish and we have had no problem with our internet.
@hereandthere (32437)
• Philippines
22 Oct
it's unfair that you're the only one having those problems when your neighbors don't. who is your provider?
@mandala100 (48176)
• Hong Kong
22 Oct
@stanley777 Nope I have no issue with my provider. How much are you paying for yours my friend? It's really no good if one is having an issue with on'e computer connection and I hope that it's gonna be fix soon my friend.