How Can We Forget Love Relationship ?

@Jefrox (41)
Taytay, Philippines
October 22, 2017 10:14am CST
All of us can't afford losing our truly loved ones especially if you gave that person all by your heart. But how do you move on from that? Not an easy task right? Sometimes we are very strict when it comes to our love life because we don't wanna hurt. But in reality, love is fair. Everything that happens in earth has a reason behind in such people are trying to learn new things as the technology arise. For my recommendation, in any given point you're screwed up, just make yourself busy. Call your friends out there and go out. If you're working, focus on your job and when pay out comes buy or treat yourself anywhere that will make you happy. Crying in our past is very common so don't get ashamed about it, go find someone that will cares for you and in long run you'll gonna learn to love that person.
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@JustBhem (42989)
• Davao, Philippines
22 Oct
It is not easy. I can tell. But hey' I did move on.
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• Cuddalore, India
22 Oct
There will be no meaning ,if we forgot the relationship .
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22 Oct
Learning how to be alone is a great start.