Second part to father kills daughter

October 24, 2017 5:28pm CST
They have identified the body and it is her. The father finally admitted to her dying in the home. Said she died choking on the milk. Never left her outside. Said she was coughing and he felt for a pulse once she stopped and then got scared when he couldn't find one and dropped her body off and buried it. Then reported her missing five hours later. There are way to many questions and issues with this so I have to ask why in the Heck give this man a plea deal. Let him fry.
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@sharon6345 (141792)
• United States
24 Oct 17
You can't imagine what fear would do to a person. The father would have been the fisrt person to be thought guilty anyway. He knows what goes on in the world. he might have screwed up but anyone with street knowledge nows his fear is real. I can't imagine the pain it took to dig that dirt and hide that body. But the hell his mental is going through is not good. The good thing is he did not kill her. Now steps need to be taken to get to the bottom of it. Not every person needs to fry in prison.
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25 Oct 17
You can not tell me he did not kill her when he was forcing her to drink the milk at three in the morning and has had several lies about what really happened to the daughter he adopted two years ago. He said he felt like she needed punished. Why in the world would you punish a little three year old for not drinking milk at three in the morning. If she was coughing and stop breathing in know myself she sure would not still be standing so tell me why would you be having her laying down drinking milk where she would be in a position to choke? Don't tell me he felt bad. This mad had no remorse he even made a statement where he regrets nothing. My husband is a judge he thinks he killed her because of the evidence. And don't you dare tell me I have no idea what fear will do to a person. Your talking to a person who lost their mom at sixteen, was in a abusive marriage for six years and lost a Heck of a lot more than a lot of people could even imagine.