Youtube Channel - Suggest me a topic?

October 27, 2017 10:10am CST
For few days I am planning to start a youtube channel. Being a Video editor by profession, making part is not a big deal , But choosing a good topic to start is a hectic charge. After going through lot of topics , now I am thinking about starting cookery channel with the help of my wife. Is there any other good ideas?
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@studylove (2129)
• Canada
27 Oct 17
You make a channel for different types of food recipes. Do you like cooking?
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@sabtraversa (13331)
• Italy
27 Oct 17
You need a heavy memory card and plenty of time to "waste". There's a channel, MrBeast, that makes videos where he does a thing for several hours, and they get tons of views, like at least a million. I don't know why that channel was suggested to me. Cookery has a lot of competition, there are enough people who cook. I suggest you to eat instead, it looks like people prefer watching other people eating. Of course, stick with unusual food, better if expired (although not necessary). Source: I just know how things work on YouTube.
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@Shortail (862)
• Philippines
27 Oct 17
about gadgets I think, its good topic.
27 Oct 17
Not a bad idea. Can you describe your Idea?
• United States
28 Oct 17
Well, what are you most passionate about and what do you think people will want to watch? Maybe you could even do video editing tutorials or something. Maybe you can find inspiration on what hasn't been done very much already, or something that you'd want to watch or see more videos on.