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November 1, 2017 9:06am CST
Hi All, As you know I am in public transport for almost 4 hours. And since my mobile is broken. I have plenty of time to observe people around me Yesterday while I was heading to office, I saw a family sitting together, Husband-wife and 2 small kids. One of the kid asked her mom, I want a chocolate. Mom checked her purse and said I got only this candy chocolate. Well Kid started crying and said I don't want that chocolate. Mom dad both couldn't handle it. A old man sitting opposite to that family, gave some expression and said something, And that small kid smiled and took that chocolate and ate it. I wish if I could get a chance to know what he said to that kid. Transport was bit crowded due to which I couldn't able to see them. So what do you think he said and what were his expression which turn kid mind
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@DaddyEvil (25922)
• Aurora, Missouri
5 Dec
I believe the older gentleman told the child (while smiling at her) that if she didn't want the chocolate, then he would eat it. Like all children, she didn't want the old man to eat the chocolate that had been offered to her, so she ate it while smiling at him in a "this is MY chocolate and you can't have it" type of way.
• United States
1 Nov
Maybe he offered the kid some money if he ate the chocolate...just guessing.