Gun control or the lack there of.

United States
November 8, 2017 8:29pm CST
Most of the people posting about gun control have little to no idea of what their local gun control laws are. It is a sad fact that so many people have an opinion based off of little more than propaganda. The gun control laws are already in place. It is due to the local and federal government failing to cooperate with one another. It is also up to the local government failing to enforce the laws that are in place. The local governments are too limited to enforce all of the laws. It is up to the local citizens to control their local environments. If you refuse to vote in local elections or turn your back on your local government, then you fail yourself and those around you. Put your money where your mouth is and go buy a gun. Then drop a line on social media about gun control in your area. Be proactive and go to your local Police Department and request a copy of your local gun laws. There are a larger number of police that have little to no clue as to what their local gun laws are. How would you purpose for them to enforce laws that they themselves are not aware of. I've had first hand experience with this. Do your due diligence before spouting off about something you, yourself do not understand. Yes, it is a very emotional reaction. Start holding yourself accountable by being proactive in you community. Stop hoping that the government will babysit you. Your town hall meting are almost empty, and your social media is wasting your life and your opinions.Yet people wonder why local government does as it pleases. If you do not hold them accountable for their actions by doing your due diligence then do not expect others to either.
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