@cabhay (365)
November 11, 2017 11:38am CST
The best option to avoid misunderstanding is to let it go what is in your heart <3 , but sometimes the results can also be negative or not in our favour as the other person could take it in a different perspective or could get hurt with the justification or the honesty of the words but not letting it go can also form grudges. It is like 2 sides of a coin which could either be in your favour or could be destructive as well .. What do u guys think should the person let it go with his/her words..??
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@mandala100 (55084)
• Hong Kong
11 Nov 17
@cabhay It is better to be frank or straight forward than to keep your emotions bottled up inside for it could it be worst when such feelings burst my friend.
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@cabhay (365)
• India
12 Nov 17
@mandala100 yeah those bottled up feelings can result in misunderstandings as well.