Looking For Everything To Start Out Good!

United States
November 11, 2017 3:21pm CST
This is really basic and common sense on what I will be talking about in this post. Some people refuse to do this;stop looking for every thing to start off good in your life.Some people continue to live in a fairy tale world and dream it's like people are brain washed to fantasies. They are like "Oh I want everything to start off good, I want the perfect relationship". This is the oldest trick in the book that the devil keeps using on you over, over, over, and over again. I'm speaking with wisdom this will help you. Don't you know that when you look for everything to start off good the devil already got you. Stop living your life through movies, stop living your life through television, stop living your life through celebrities. Don't tie your soul to this stuff be bless!
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@db20747 (11194)
• Washington, District Of Columbia
11 Nov 17
I live vicariously through celebrities and movie stars. You are right to not think that everything will be a Cinderella story. We all will have to learn to dust ourselves off when we fall and turn a negative into a positive.
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• United States
12 Nov 17
WOW YES!!! dust ourselves off and turn a negative into a positive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post. @db20747