There is no easy harassment...

November 12, 2017 6:52am CST
Good week everyone, I'm very happy Awareness of sexual harassment has received the stage that comes to such an important issue. There are many stories, very difficult and less difficult but there is no easy story (!) Everything is difficult. A woman who experiences sexual harassment tells a difficult story. So for the beginning of this week, I want to strengthen the hands of all the harassed women, those with the difficult story and those with the less difficult story and tell everyone, there is no minor harassment! No one has the right to take advantage of his status or strength or even his follies towards any woman / man / child / girl wherever they may be.
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@MALUSE (43620)
• Uzbekistan
12 Nov
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13 Nov
Hey, Thank you very much. I hope I did not break the rules with the discourse that I opened. Have a lovely day:)
@sharon6345 (138486)
• United States
12 Nov
It's very hard to get over as well. I hope you have a good day.