day 15 thankful

@gnatsmom (1261)
November 15, 2017 5:08am CST
30 day Thanksgiving Challenge Day 15 I am thankful for my son-in-law, Lane. He is only 21, but I don't know if a better young man could be found. When he was 12, his mother had to go back to work part-time. She homeschooled her kids in the morning, then after lunch went to work. Lane stayed home and took care of his 9 year old brother with type 1 diabetes and his 5 year old sister with Down-syndrome. When he was 13, his mom had to go to work full-time and she enrolled the 3 kids in my Christian school. Lane never shirked on his assignments. He was always well-behaved, and he faithfully helped care for his siblings. Lane was also in love with my daughter who was two years older. She had another boyfriend at the time, plus at that age 2 years is a big deal. My kids thought he was kind of weird (and he was-no social skills at all). When we first met them, we had been called to pastor the church his family attended. My kids immediately noticed that Lane was very withdrawn, had quirky ways of trying to be cool, was never accepted by the "popular" kids, he stared at others uncomfortably, and (as my kids said) he didn't even know how to pray. My kids have a mother who was always drawn to those who are left out. My mission has always been to fight for the rejected and the underdog. I guess that was passed on to my babies, because all four of them are like that and all four befriended Lane. He would say that our family had the most beautiful women he has ever seen. Even though he thought they were all beautiful (even my son's girlfriend), he always loved Angel. She was his friend, but that was it. She said he was too weird to ever date, plus he was too young. We all hated her current boyfriend. He was an arrogant, jerk who lived in lala land and tried to push my daughter to become more like Taylor Swift. His parents always humiliated her. When we found out, we had a big family meeting with them and this mama bear tore it up. Needless to say, they didn't like me very much after that and it was only a matter of time before that relationship was over. My Angel was devastated. She went through a tough time. This was two years later. Guess who was there to be the friend she needed. Lane told her that he loved her but he knew she did not feel the same. He said he was fine with that. He would be content just being her best friend and being there to listen when she needed to cry or talk. This was 4 years ago. Last fall, my beautiful baby girl walked down the isle to marry a MAN (not a little boy as many are today), but a man who treats her as if the whole world revolves around her. He moves up quickly with his jobs because he is such a hard worker and so responsible. No one even looks at my daughter wrong because he fights for her. Angel use to say that Disney lied because Prince Charming does not exist. She said there was no such thing as a Knight in Shining Armour, but God brought her one. He loves her and he loves our family. He is an awesome big brother and friend to my youngest daughter. The rest of my gang loves him too. Wow! God has truly blessed us. He is more than a son-in-law, as far as I am concerned, that's my boy.
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15 Nov
That's so amazing! God definitely brought her the Prince charming she wanted. =)
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