I Went to my Dr for Help

@IvySaysHi (4342)
United States
November 20, 2017 9:46am CST
Last week I finally went to my doctor for help with the anxiety problems I had been dealing with. It was starting to get really bad again and I just could not deal with it on my own. I broke down when explaining everything to my doctor. She ended up prescribing me some medicine that is supposed to help with anxiety and depression. It is called Lexapro, does anyone else know or take this medicine? Se also gave me info on some counseling and psychiatrists but I don't think our insurance will cover that and I can't afford to go to one without any coverage. I have been on the medicine for one week and after a few days I already feel different. I can eat, I don't have my work nightmares, I don't feel the urge to cry all the time, I don't vomit in the morning anymore, and I don't feel panicked all day everyday. Next week I will be going to see my doctor so she can see how I am doing on the medicine. I am very glad I went to her for help.
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@nanette64 (17976)
• Fairfield, Texas
20 Nov
It sounds like the Lexapro is working well for you @IvySaysHi .
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@rubyriaz007 (4292)
• India
21 Nov
Very good to know that there is a difference, and you have no more work nightmares. Don't get panic.Relax and enjoy .
@sallypup (28624)
• Moses Lake, Washington
20 Nov
Oh that's great that you got some help. Poo on insurance that they don't pay for mental health services.
@Corbin5 (116531)
• United States
20 Nov
I am so glad the medication your were prescribed has made a noticeable difference!! I am so glad you went for help too!!!
@NJChicaa (46369)
• United States
20 Nov
I'm glad you went to the doctor. I take Lexapro as well as some other medications. It has helped me for a long time.
@Happy2BeMe (74936)
• Canada
20 Nov
Glad tat you went to get help and that after a week you can see the difference that the medication is making,