Am i mad?

@sjvg1976 (18407)
Delhi, India
November 22, 2017 12:49pm CST
Tomorrow is a wedding of one of my colleague. Everyone is going to attend it except me. It is not that I am not willing to go there . It's because I had to sacrifice for others as someone has to be in the office. All of my colleagues and subordinates will go early or will be on leave tomorrow leaving me alone in the office and we all can't take off at same time ,someone has to be in the office to look after the work. I am feeling bad for myself as if I am mad .I should not have let all of them to go and enjoy. They also are equally responsible at work. Have you faced such situation at work place ever?
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@Corbin5 (115637)
• United States
22 Nov
I think others should have stayed behind too and not just you!
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@yanzalong (10174)
• Indonesia
23 Nov
You could switch it to another day when you can have an off day.
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@nomus24g (24843)
• India
22 Nov
ailaaaaaa.....that's bad
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@hereandthere (32754)
• Philippines
23 Nov
were you not on leave while your wife and child were sick? so maybe they thought it's your turn?
@nangayo (2325)
• Nairobi, Kenya
23 Nov
I think you could have gone all of you. I have a boss who when we have a function or something he insists that everyone should attend and we have to close office.
@Freelanzer (9499)
• Canada
23 Nov
Too bad. Did you choose to stay at the office or did your boss make you stay?
@RasmaSandra (19614)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
22 Nov
Sorry you are the one to have to stay. No I have never been in such a situation. Hope they bring you back some food from the wedding.
@Courtlynn (55033)
• United States
22 Nov
Thats not fair to you
@Dyvette16 (1467)
• San Antonio, Texas
22 Nov
I have not , I’m sorry to hear that