November 27, 2017 4:32am CST
Its true that we only draw near to God when we are in very low of life. in troubles, heart ache problems and sometimes you are thinking to end ypur life. God knows whats our situation and let us pray one another and pray for me..
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@sw8sincere (5125)
• Philippines
27 Nov
We don't only have to pray to God in times of need. There are so many reasons to be thankful for. Talk to God in the morning when you wake up. Give thanks for all the blessings he has given you. Praise Him with songs. Talk to Him about your plans in life, ask guidance and wisdom. It depends upon the person if he or she will only draw to God during his problems or sorrows. But we should always remember to thank God first before asking something in prayer. "God knows what our hearts desire even in silence. "
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@rubyriaz007 (4292)
• India
3 Dec
We should remember God everyday,but we remember him only when we are low in life.When we are happy we don't remember God.Any situation good or bad,it is from God.But we should remember God in both the situations. Sometimes what we think is good for us, we don't get it because God knows better, that it is not good for us.
@dodoazo (21418)
• Philippines
27 Nov
I am not kind of person when in need, in distress or in trouble I call upon God in prayer. Prayer is.a way of our life. When we do something for the dsy we pray. Upon waking up, before we eat our meals, and when we celebrate something for a thanksgiving. We pray without stopping. This is what we call as a part of our life. For better, for worse we pray to our Father in Heaven.