Ocean Deep

ocean deep
@meipan (745)
November 27, 2017 8:25am CST
I had a dream about a man who was in real life is my so called unofficial love one... why unofficial? Because currently who is still committed to a long time girlfriend. Here is what happen to my dream... I am on a counter, buying a movie ticket alone. I can't remember the title but it is a local movie and a love story... then this my M.U. came and butt-in to buy a ticket too. He asked me which movie I prefer to watched. I said the title. He just nodded. While waiting on my change for my payment.. he was assisted by others. He was asked on which movie ticket will he buy, he choose quietly then point on a ragnarok movie. I didn't feel any disappointment since he just really like some online games. We just chat a little while waiting for our ticket to process.. then the cashier gave his change.. he just said, he'll go first.. I just nodded and smile.. then i waited for my change.. while waiting.. there's a teacher who would like to watch a movie too but lost her ticket.. So she just bought another one... then she asked me if I'll just watch alone.. I said yes... the she said.. She'll buy the same ticket as mine cause she doesn't want me to feel alone and unwanted. It didn't sink in me at first and just go with the flow but when I wake up.. I feel a deep ocean running in my entire body... deep and couldn't understand... I stare at the ceiling and just realized I have a fever...
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@AmbiePam (49888)
• United States
27 Nov
A fever certainly isn't good.
@JustBhem (41728)
• Davao, Philippines
27 Nov
. That means your fever is high and you have a convulsion.
@sharon6345 (136074)
• United States
27 Nov
Oh you need a candy bar and drink. Oh boy.