We'll Find out if a Person is Equipped for the Selections

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@Teep11 (7146)
United States
November 27, 2017 4:57pm CST
Imagine being challenged over and over. For some they'll pull every string of hair. Not every person likes being challenged some would rather go into hiding then to have to face being placed in tough positions. If we're able to withstand some of the most tried events then we'll be able to withstand higher positions. For some challenging is a way to convince a person that they're not suppose to be in their position. Certain positions aren't "selected" by mankind so therefore they'll have difficulty removing the individual or individuals from their positions. It's not easy of course having to deal with so many who insist on being a pain in the rear. Not wanting to see certain persons climb up because of they're own thinking. Thinking that persons will achieve beyond what they've dreamed to achieve. The trials can produce growth and strength. A person can become stronger when dealing with complex matters. There are some who think that some aren't qualified when they're actually "qualified." It's pretty tough when there are so many who will try to deny a person's title or titles based on wanting others to be in their position. The position or positions are held for person's who are qualified although there are some who are placed in positions and are nowhere near qualified for the positions. As we move along we'll become more equipped and advancement will take place. Not every person enjoys to witness certain individuals excel. "Chosen, Selected, Called. Qualified and Isn't Being Denied by God nor Jesus Christ." By: (Tanikka Paulk)
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