My obsession with Bitcoin

@bmadex (29)
Adelaide, Australia
November 28, 2017 8:35am CST
The Bitcoin value is increasing rapidly in just matter of months and I want to become a part of its growth. I have been studying the bitcoin exchange market and bitcoin trading these days. Bitcoin trading is too complicated for me. Buying and selling Bitcoin is what I've been trying so far, but I need some strategies to earn some cash out of it. I am also learning some ways to how to earn more satoshis for free online. I am hoping that I could learn more and could share more about Bitcoin.
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@marguicha (102062)
• Chile
28 Nov
I also want to know. But it seems that this is a long term investment.
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@thelme55 (15059)
• Germany
28 Nov
I have no knowledge about bitcoins and so I don't use it.
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@Shiva49 (13966)
• Singapore
28 Nov
Nobody, it seems, wants to be left out of this frenzy. I am not in this though - siva
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• Ponce De Leon, Florida
28 Nov
I don't buy it but I do the faucets and I do Bitcoin and Litecoin and dash coin and Dodge Coin
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@AkoPinay (10101)
• Philippines
29 Nov
I learned and earned my first Bitcoin from bitlanders. Trading is more risky. I prefer buying/selling only. I get bored doing faucets but I still collect at EarnCrypto, Moon and BitFun on browser, CakeCodes and JPLabs apps on android when I have a free time. I also joined Steemit.
@lady1993 (20038)
• Philippines
28 Nov
is this kind of the same as stocks? but just internet money?