why men?

November 30, 2017 8:11am CST
Why Do Men Hide Their Feelings?even i love you ......he cant say to his love one and i love you is important?what about actions?what is the important?
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@dodoazo (21738)
• Philippines
30 Nov
Human as they are have their decorum or a due respect coupled with, of course, of being nervous. Just like anybody men are also get hurt if they fail and the girl whom they're courting won't love them. But in my case, I was very frank and had kept myself ready for any consequences good or bad. But it turned out to be in my desired happiness. Not only me but my girlfriend. You know love moves in mysterious way as the song goes.
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@mohit459 (12017)
• Haldwani, India
1 Dec
There are reasons!..
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@A_loves_B (1616)
• Indonesia
30 Nov
Maybe they just don't want to look weak in front of others. My boyfriend always hide his emotions, but he is only open to me.
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@rubyriaz007 (4290)
• India
30 Nov
Men don't speak their feelings out often. A woman can understand if a man loves her by the way he looks and speaks to her. Even she can make out by his reaction on seeing her.
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@Santosvb (349)
• Guyana
1 Dec
Not all men are like that but truly many of them are and sometimes they hide their feelings because they think that expressing feelings is a feminine thing to do and it kinda shows submission that somehow threatens their manhood.