I Put Her Hat, In The Trash

@TLilly15 (1659)
Newport News, Virginia
December 1, 2017 6:13pm CST
I don't like putting other people hats, on my head because it will make, my hair fall out, this woman gave me her hats, and I tried to wash one of them, but the smell that was in the hat, did not come out so I put, the hat in the trash I already have a sore in my hair that won't heal,so I am not about to wear someone else, sweaty hat on my head, and make matter worse, so I knew the best thing for me to do, was put that hat in the trash can, and that is what I did, I really don't like wearing other people clothes either, this other woman always giving me her clothes, I wash them, and some items I have to sew them up, because it has hole in it, I would never give some one clothes, that need to be sew up.
2 responses
@Namelesss (1674)
• Thomasville, Georgia
2 Dec
I don't blame you one bit. I would also never give someone clothes OR hats that needed washing or repair.
@TLilly15 (1659)
• Newport News, Virginia
2 Dec
I don't know why these people, do things like this.
• Defuniak Springs, Florida
2 Dec
How will putting someone else's hat on make your hair fall out?