Fix up a Survival Pack for your Car

Dallas, Texas
December 5, 2017 10:04am CST
A survival pack for your car is a must do on your TO DO LIST. 1. Extra heater and radiator hoses, belts, clamps, tools to remove the old including slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, Box knife, Silver Duct Tape, measuring tape, hose clamps, Orange road cones, Red flag, spot light, flash light, map, Water, CB backup radio if your phone doesn't work. A FEW EXTRA CAR BATTERIES to help yourself and jumper cables in case you help someone who is in need of your help down the road. Tire changing equipment, spare tires, electrical and manual tire pump. whisk broom, regular broom, a bog of various containers, plastic, cloth, boxes, and an extra pull chain in case you need a tow or help someone in a rut. 2. Water, food for a few days or a week, dry food canned and pet food for your cats or dogs if you are on the road with them onboard. 3. Reading glasses to read the small print on the road map. 4. Scissors, scotch tape, can opener, bottle opener, extra blankets and towels. 5. Plenty of extra batteries, a rifle or a gun in safe keeping. The idea for this particular Survival Pack is just in case your area of town is being evacuated after a nuclear strike has been announced as imminent. Otherwise, on a normal day with business as usual, you might want to modify your Survival Pack for your car, truck, van, sports utility vehicle, humvee, or Rhoads peddle car. In any event, extra clothes, soap and plenty of water and basic alcohol, bandages, gauze, insect repellent a dome tent or two, a few hammocks and a gas stove and matches and plenty of white gas. This is because, most people who evacuate an area run for the hills, where the forest is and try to make a camp in a nearby state park so you will need sun screen, water, soap and towels, shovel hammer, basic tools like wire cutters, pliers extra rope and string. Folding table, umbrellas, tarp with grommets. In other words, have your evacuation set for camping out for a week at least until the smoke clears. If there is room, a bike, wheel chair and an army cot or two. This is not just a casual discussion. It is a discussion about being prepared.
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