Ignore What can Cause Setbacks

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@Teep11 (7195)
United States
December 5, 2017 12:54pm CST
When we're trying to elevate further there will be some disruptions and there could be a lot of individuals trying to sabotage the progress. The best thing to do is to ignore what can be ignored and if there's no solutions then there may need to be further actions taken in order to "proceed." When some are rising above too quickly there will be some individuals not pleased with the elevation. Some may not want to see certain individuals moving up the ladder because of their own insecurities. There are ways to continue when being challenged. Most of the time persons are simply trying "to gain" the attention of the person or persons moving along. If we respond to every matter then the progress will be slowed down. The ones who continue to create interruptions aren't happy folks. If we expect to achieve more then we'll need to either avoid or ignore. Yes, it's quite possible to tune out the noise, however may not be so easy at first. The setbacks will occur and some days may appear as if the movement is slow but there is still progress even when there's just a little bit. There are some who refuse to accept that movements must occur in order to become more developed. Too many feel the need to try and disrupt what's taking place instead of focusing on their own progress. Through achievements there will be more prosperity." In order to develop a stabilized nation we'll need more to grow" (Tanikka Paulk).
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@ddnj2006 (651)
• Philippines
5 Dec
If you can convinced them why ignore them? Maybe some just don't understand. And when they are hindering because of self gain, why not use it as a motivation for majority gain? Sometimes people just need some drive to be refined. But unfortunately, you are quite true to that. But surely, we could help them. If not, maybe others could do.