Bitcoin Craze

December 5, 2017 7:58pm CST
Do you think that this whole bitcoin (virtual currency) is crazy or do you think its actually worth it? And that the price of a single bitcoin will continue to rise over time or do you think that its all just a phase?
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@SAM774 (4178)
7 Dec
Bitcoin craze..... True... Everywhere nowadays.. Bitcoin is all over...
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7 Dec
I totally agree with you!
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@kiran8 (15399)
• Mangalore, India
6 Dec
No it is not just a phase since it is just the beginning , if you read up the concept you will realize it's importance in the coming days. It is like the early days of internet you can imagine !
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@sw8sincere (5203)
• Philippines
6 Dec
Yes I have heard that bitcoins will continue to rise over time.
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@Icydoll (25958)
• India
8 Dec
@jenp246 yeah all over bitcoin craze is going.present may b it's worth increase.bcuz all online earning sites making payments through bitcoin.its value doesn't remains constant.better ppl don't investment on this bitcoins ..
@TommyN (2)
• Manila, Philippines
7 Dec
It will continue to rise as of now I think
@mohit459 (12017)
• Haldwani, India
6 Dec
It's can make huge profit