Lunch is ready and I wait mylotting.

@marguicha (101865)
December 6, 2017 10:18am CST
We are having fish baked in the oven with rice and salad. My friends went to do yet more errands to change their nationality. They were born Chilean but spent several years in the US so they changed their nationality and became US citizens. Now they want to be Chilean again and there are lots of things to be done. Lately, you can have both nationalities. But when they did that, you had to choose. They have been going from one place to the other for almost 2 months and it seems that all is harder than it should. I will have my lunch with Leticia and leave some for them just in case they come. Do you know anyone who has changed nationality? Did they have problems?
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@JudyEv (134576)
• Bunbury, Australia
6 Dec
We have a few politicians changing nationalities at the moment as it was discovered that some are not eligible to stand for election if they have dual citizenship.
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@Courtlynn (55039)
• United States
6 Dec
I do not. Sounds annoying to do
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• Jacksonville, Florida
6 Dec
I don't know anyone who has done that, sounds frustrating.
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@Kandae11 (40370)
6 Dec
So when they became U,S, citizens it was necessary to give up Chilean nationality?
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@rina110383 (24070)
7 Dec
Yes, I do. Lots of legal paper works.
@kobesbuddy (54938)
• East Tawas, Michigan
6 Dec
Yes, my cousin Johnny became a Canadian citizen, many years ago. I have no idea what he had to go through, he was quite young at the time. Any time we deal with government regulations, there's a lot of confusion involved.