In a Matter of Time Patiently

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December 6, 2017 8:03pm CST
Although the journey may seem like a long one. There will be a completion but one must be willing to go through the trials and continue to develop. For some they'll stop because of thinking that they're unable to proceed. Even if there's setbacks a person can still get back on track. Yes there should be patience and understanding. There will be days when it appears as if there are more challenges then joy. If we're confident enough then we'll be able to proceed. There as to be attempts "made to go further." For some they're surrounded by persons who aren't the best support system. There are some being challenging because they haven't lived up to their potential. "Just putting one foot before the other can ,make a difference."(Tanikka Paulk) Avoid being discouraged. So many end up not continuing further because of the adversity. Not all will face the same adversity. There are some who will face some of the toughest of challenges. The time it takes to get to the destinations isn't important. The will to keep going is. The chatter which will occur isn't what we should be focused. We are any persons who decide to set off on a journey. Not all should be invited. Too many end up tagging along and aren't invited or aren't "equipped" to be on the journey. Yes there will be some wanting to sabotage in order to stop the person or persons from continuing further. Continue anyway and even when the storms roll in. Be brave enough to face the battles and know that there's a reason why the journey was chosen for the person or persons.
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@SAM774 (4047)
7 Dec
Well said o
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7 Dec
Perseverance is good.