December 7, 2017 12:54pm CST
Are superpowets real?????? Most of of the movies seem to have super powers. How can some sit down and just think of super powers.maybe some people have super powers and the first producer to think of superpowermovie knows it all.
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@Angela150 (957)
• London, England
7 Dec
I think super powers exist. In all religious texts, there are instances of super powers. For example, Moses held out his staff and the Red Sea was parted by God. I believe super powers are given by God but don't know of anyone who posseses this gift!
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8 Dec
I also agree
@ddnj2006 (652)
• Philippines
8 Dec
Superpower is true. Just that it is not been exposed in public, or else, anyone will do want the same. And being that people are prone to abuse, what earth would it be if everyone has it? Just have seen it on some movie line. Don't know really. :-)
8 Dec
I also think its true
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@rina110383 (24074)
8 Dec
Only in movies/shows.
8 Dec
Most of the movies
• Nairobi, Kenya
9 Dec
I also want to have powers. I think there is black magic, witchcraft and other type of powers
@mohit459 (12022)
• Haldwani, India
8 Dec
I don't agree with it.