Why Do Some People, Ask A Lot Of Questions

@TLilly15 (1589)
Newport News, Virginia
December 9, 2017 4:55pm CST
I was talking to this man, and he was asking me a lot of questions, about my son and other things, this man would not even help his own sons, I told him I gave my son some money, so he would not lose his condo, he said your son knows he has a good mother,he would not say he would, go broke to help his sons, and I knew this because, he was always saying the money, his son makes being on the water, he would like to have, that money in his account, it's a shamed to be jealous of the money, that your children make, some people would help no one, they would want you to help them, but they wold do nothing for you, if you needed money, it's best not to be around, people like this.
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@BelleStarr (39652)
• United States
9 Dec
I can't imagine not helping any of my children who might need it and I am excessively proud of how well all of them are doing financially. Jealousy is not a pretty trait.
@TLilly15 (1589)
• Newport News, Virginia
10 Dec
I am glad I helped my son, and I don't care who don't like it.
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