Learning and implementing

@sonusd (1548)
December 11, 2017 12:15am CST
We learn so many good things, but why it is difficult to implement in our life. Like we know that Too much junk and spicy food is bad for our health but now days our eating habits become only junk foods, by watching so many hours television or internet can decrease our eye power still we engage ourselves to do those things. why those things happen even we know we are doing wrong practice?
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@Icydoll (24745)
• India
11 Dec
First of all we need some time to implement.we can't completely put end to our old habits suddenly.if we try to control our mind we can do it for sure.i stopped taking sugar intake much as it is not gud for health.we can reduce like this day by day if we fix it mind divert on good things properly:)
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@shaggin (37844)
• United States
11 Dec
I think we just want to enjoy ourselves if we do not think the consequences are severe enough.
@Shavkat (65268)
• Philippines
11 Dec
Some people are so afraid to change. That's the reason why they don't apply it to their loves.