My experience with Fodptrm? The man was Sadist.

@shivamani10 (11148)
Hyderabad, India
December 20, 2017 1:42am CST
I was standing outside the office during my lunch hour drinking a tea gossiping with my colleagues. This is usually a place for discussing so many issues and topics. We were discussing on varieties of herbs and their uses. A man with grey hair with neatly dressed in black pants and white shirt tucked in, was listening to us standing at about 2 feet. He slowly approached and without speaking anything handed over a leaf. That was very small. It was almost cut. He asked us if anybody could taste it and drink a spoon of sugar. I did it. Surprisingly, when I had a spoon of Sugar it does not show any sweetness. I really surprised and told it to my friends. I asked for some leaves. The next day he handed over some leaves. He told me not to taste more than 1 or 2 leaves. I said o.k. During my lunch hour on that day. I started napping in the office after showing it to others in my office. He became my friend. After a few day, he informed that he had come to office to make his enemies Diabetic. He informed that some officials were not paying attention to his grievance and so he wanted to take revenge on them. I asked him whether am I in the list?.He smiled and said ' are my friend. You are not. That is why I warned you not to have more than a leaf'. Is this not Sadism?
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