Through the Adversity and Through Hardships There Will be Blessed Filled Gain

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December 24, 2017 1:49pm CST
No matter how the difficulties arise there are so many ways to remain confident. Yes, we'll be challenged and for some challenged often, but the challenges aren't a reason to become dismayed. Unfortunately persons in pursuit of further advancing and elevating will incur many challenges. Every person has to go through the adversity. There are some going through so much and may not know exactly how to manage the issues. There's a lot to bare. Taking time to just ponder on the goodness. Although there will be darkness there is also "light." The environments can either generate wholeness or cause declines. To remain whole or to become whole one should make attempts to meditate. There is joy when there is peacefulness. War exist and some have battled for long periods. God has given His Children the Book of Knowledge. The Good Book where we can spend time reading about what God expects and how to get through the adversities. When dealing with a lot of adversities one can become fatigued and that's why God suggest that we rest. The we is used to describe individuals which God has spoken about. "The we reap What we sow." God doesn't make any mistakes and will tell His Children that they're wrong and God will administer the reaping. Going through hardships is quite difficult but eventually the hardships will fade and we'll begin to feel even more joyous. What we go through today doesn't mean that we'll have to go through tomorrow. "There Will be Times When We'll Face Battles Which may Cause Some Fatigue but We'll Overcome" By: Tanikka Paulk
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24 Dec
Hope is what you say here Tannika. Yes God will be the good Father as always right and just. I wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas. Thanks for all your good words throughout all.
@Manraw (6)
24 Dec
Quite motivational and impressive