Getting Likes for Merry Christmas Greeting

@WriterAI (5238)
December 27, 2017 2:47pm CST
Hey myLotters! I have been experiencing an interesting effect now. I became a member of the Facebook Group British Sovereigns and Royals. I entered it with a very short post: “Hi! Merry Christmas from Bulgaria!” I have been just accepted there. The reactions to this my greeting are quite unexpected to me. I didn’t think that a lot of people would be so satisfied reading it. This greeting sounds too ordinary to me. I am getting more and more likes every hour. Until now there were 56 Facebook likes under my post on the British Sovereigns and Royals Group wall. The number of likes is mobile and it is increasing. I have never supposed that I would gather so many people on one at same virtual place. So my post turned into global space on Facebook. I met many new friends under my simple words. All of them say to me: “Merry Christmas!” and my answer is too simple too: “Thank you!” At that moment I am grateful to the numerous representatives of so many countries for their kind words on these bright days: The USA (Sue Nazar from Virginia, Jacqueline Barrett Vigil from Colorado, Kathleen Fuller Jones from Texas, Bobbi Lavin from Chicago, Peggy Bocklage from Baltimore Maryland, Martha Akers Gray from Indiana, Lee Blackwell from Florida, Liz Sacca Kuczinski – from USA and there is an American flag after the country was named, Gayle Winfrey – The USA, Carol Patti Fortunato from New York, Donna Harmeyer from Indiana, Tim Mohon from Ohio, Opey Cresswell from Alabama, Betsy Orlosky from Arizona), Jasmin Valenzuela (Manila, The Philippines), Anne Poirier from Canada, Georgie Smith from Australia and Shaun Claasen from South Africa. So I was greeted for Christmas globally from everywhere and I am grateful to these kind hearted people. The post is open to accept new responses. I am greatly impressed by the emojis accompanied their words. They are festive and form the winter wonderland. I have never expected that so many Americans are members in this group because it’s devoted to the British monarchy and The USA is a republic. Thank you, kind persons! Thank you, friends! The admin Gayle Hulme (Glasgow, United Kingdom) also greeted: “From all of us here at British Sovereigns & Royals, we wish you all the peace of the season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!“ It sounds very lovely. And our answer is: “The very same to you!” So I am sharing here on myLot that I am joyous for my short post. Thanks for reading.
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@JudyEv (134903)
• Bunbury, Australia
27 Dec
That is so nice that so many took the trouble to welcome you to the site. Some FB sites are very friendly. It sounds like you will really enjoy it there.
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@WriterAI (5238)
• Bulgaria
27 Dec
I think so. But I didn't expect it. Enjoyment is a great part of human life.