The murder rate rises 25% in London in just one year

Northampton, England
January 1, 2018 6:11pm CST
Just before midnight as Big Ben chimed the New Year in London the 80th murder was announced of 2017 in the capital, the killings up 25% on 2016. The most telling fact was 80% of those killed were ethnic men, mostly black with just 7 of them being white. AN incredible 75% of the dead were under 20. 12% of London is classed as black from around a 9 million population. Young black or ethnic men were the majority of those charged or suspected of the murders, usually gang or ‘respect’ related turf killings. The majority of knife and gun crime also emanates from these guys. So when we hear about these Black Lives matters campaigners in America complaining about the cops killing black kids we know that protest is to hide the real truth, a truth that needs to be dealt with. If these murders are to be stemmed then the black communities need to come together with the police, social services, community groups, schools and the hospitals (the later who treat 13,000 stabbings a year in London) and say enough is enough. A lot of the killing goes on as the black communities just don’t trust the police and won’t work with them, or give information as a deterrent. Because of their trenchant distrust, police stop and search has been cut back to appease racial tensions. This could be the reason murder rates are charging back up. The killers are often young, many under 20, some under 16. Absent black fathers are also an issue, a high number of single parenthood in that demographic. Why black men don’t want to stick around is confusing. Many are in prison, some of them victims of gun and knife crime. Rich white Londoners don’t care about young black men killing each other. 60% of London street robberies are done by young black men on Londoners. 69% of gun crime is done by young black men in London although most of that linked to drug and general crime. We turn a blind eye so not to recognize what’s going on, black and white. There is hope though. Modern medical techniques save more stab victims In Chicago the murder rate is actually falling, 649 killed in 2017, down from 721 in 2016. The people capable of killing are becoming less and less, in prison and getting older. There is hope but it will take time.
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• Rochester, New York
2 Jan 18
I pay no attention to the BLM movement as it's all a bunch of garbage now. In the beginning the message was positive and now it's all a bunch of trash talking gibberish. What you say is true though, they are killing each other and not accepting the fact that they are their own worst enemy.
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@kepweng (19409)
• Waikoloa, Hawaii
2 Jan 18
who is Behind of that crime rise??
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• Northampton, England
2 Jan 18
blacks, I guess
@TheHorse (77527)
• Walnut Creek, California
4 Mar
Yes, it's the same in the US. Only the numbers are higher.