Why do the consumers get the blame for the lack of recycling from big companies !!!

United Kingdom
January 2, 2018 9:27am CST
On the news today there was a report saying that from now on China will not take the 65% of our rubbish that we have been sending over there for recycling !!! Good for them ! My family and I didn't even know that this was going on ! The people in the know were then talking about how much it was going to cost us to get rid of the rubbish ...landfill or recycling ourselves. Why is it that we do not take responsibility for our own actions. I am fed up with buying a packet of something say 8 inches high then opening it to find the contents fill approx. 3 inches of space. Surely making packaging no more than 15% bigger than the product enclosed would help . Although I know we would question the high price of goods if we saw how little we were actually getting for our money ...a large box is much more impressive than a tiddly packet !!! Also, a packet, box, pack of something should be at least 90% recyclable or biodegradable. If the Government took action ...the companies would be forced to do something .... If I want to buy mushrooms or cereal ...or whatever ... it is NOT my fault if the packaging is too big or non recyclable !!! I can only do my bit if others will too !!!
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@Corbin5 (116581)
• United States
2 Jan
Definitely consumers are being held responsible for the too-large packaging. Not fair at all.