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January 3, 2018 11:40am CST
The Lord's Prayer is often repeated by many people but I have discovered that most people don't realize exactly what that prayer actually says. For instance, "hallowed be thy name." What does that mean? Another translation says: "let your name be sanctified." Since it was Jesus who was instructing his disciples how to pray, whose NAME was Jesus talking about? He began the prayer with the words "Our Father" meaning his father "in heaven" so he wasn't talking about himself. So what is Jesus' father's name? Psalm 83:18 , which is my scripture for today, clearly answers that question. It says: "That people may know that you whose name is Jehovah, you alone are the Most High over all the earth." Some Bible translations have removed God's name from the Bible, but in the ancient Hebrew manuscripts, God's name appeared over 7000 times. God's name appears in the original King James Bible only 4 times and in the revised KJV was removed. No one has the right to remove God's name from the Bible. What do you think?
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@mandala100 (53602)
• Hong Kong
3 Jan
@IreneVincent The "Lord's Prayer" is a beautiful prayer, a "model" prayer if we may say. It also implies the intimates relation of men (used in its generic sense which include women) to GOD and vice versa.
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3 Jan
Yes, you are absolutely right that the Lord's Prayer was a "model prayer ". Jesus was telling us the proper things to pray for. It was never intended to be repeated like a chant.