Childhood cancer

January 10, 2018 7:57am CST
Cancer is such a taboo subject but when you have a child fighting cancer. People bury their heads in the sand. We lose more children to cancer than to any other illness and yet it's classed as rare - but 1 child is 1 too many. The government give hardly any money to fight childhood cancer. In 20 years loads of drugs have been developed for adult cancer yet only a couple for childhood cancer.
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• Australia
10 Jan 18
It's a hard fight for life who are battling with cancer.
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@Daelii (6492)
• United States
13 Jan 18
Where are you getting your information?
@resukill22 (7385)
• Philippines
12 Jan 18
it is hard to hear that. but its reality I hope someday day solve that problem
@aureliah (21614)
• Kenya
10 Jan 18
I have never understood anything about cancer. Why is it so heartless. Recently a kid aged 3 lost his life to cancer. Where did it come from?
@MALUSE (47058)
• Uzbekistan
10 Jan 18
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@LadyDuck (196045)
• Switzerland
10 Jan 18
I cannot believe that the government does not support the researches to fight childhood cancer. It's heart breaking seeing young children die of this disease.