So while I was on Subeta today...

Cleveland, Ohio
January 11, 2018 11:22am CST
I apparently ended up on the high score table for Cybill Sledding, which is pretty cool. I wasn't even trying for it. I dunno if it's the computer I'm using or I just have a knack for it. I read Vincent a book called "Murder 101" and he said he wanted to write fanfiction about it... Should I be concerned? Anyway, I bought him a laptop so he can write as much as he wants. I just hope his imagination doesn't run away with him. I did some quests for the old wizard and one of the items he wanted was a knitted bikini top. Why did he want that? For that matter, why would ANYONE want a knitted bikini top? That would be terrible for swimming in. What if it shrank in the water? Or even worse, what if the knit was too loose and... I'm just gonna stop right there.
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