Actor Peter Wyngarde Dies

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January 18, 2018 6:58pm CST
Back in the mid-70s there was an “independent” TV station in Orlando that showed syndicated TV shows (and the occasional Kraftwerk concert [no kidding!!]). A number of the shows were from the British studio ITC. Some of those shows were classics that everyone knows: The Prisoner, The Saint, and The Avengers. There were others that weren’t as popular in the U.S. that I still loved, such as Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), The Champions, The Baron, and Department S. Today I read that Peter Wyngarde, who starred in Department S (and its spinoff series, Jason King), died. Wyngarde’s role in Department S was that of the aloof playboy mystery writer, Jason King, who had a “side job” working for an elite branch of Interpol known as “Department S.” On that particular show his role was usually comic relief, approaching a baffling crime the way his fictional sleuth would. He had some great zingers, too. After 28 episodes ITC decided to spin the character off into his own series. I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Jason King, and it was nowhere near as good. Additionally, Wyngarde played a villain in a number of shows, including The Champions, The Avengers, and one episode of The Prisoner where he played the Number 2 du jour (if you ever watched that series you know what I mean by that). He was so much better as a bad guy. US audiences might know him best for his role as Klytus in the 1980 film Flash Gordon. (Or, you just might remember the Queen song and little else about that disposable nonsense.) I remember reading an article about his popularity during Department S, and how a poll of Australian women listed him as the man most would like to lose their virginity to. Sorry, girls, he was gay. He was a good actor, too. Farewell to Peter Wyngarde, who was 90. Here’s the theme to Department S, featuring stills of stars Wyngarde (with the mustache), Joel Fabiani, and Rosemary Nicols.
Here i have uploaded another TV theme tune, and this one, "Department S" which is played by "Edwin Astley" was a series that was originally aired in the UK f...
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19 Jan
@FourWalls I remember Number 2 du jour well. I watched that show a lot when I was a kids, but I don't remember what it is. I guess I haven't seen many shows that he acted in.
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19 Jan
I knew of him. He enjoyed a long career with numerous credits.
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