Need to get a routine

@ricki_911 (19868)
Toronto, Ontario
January 19, 2018 10:01pm CST
My doctor called me back about my blood work. He believes it may be sleep apnea but at my age it shouldnt be a real issue. So he insist i need yo get a routine. Iam not sute what this means as i tend to believe i do. Before i got up around 9am, shower, make my lunch for work and organize my uniform for work. I then usually have an hour where i wwtch tv or 1 of the 4 days i clean. I wotk 10 hours and come home to bed around 12:30am. Now the last fee month i haven't been going to bed until 1am to 3am. I wake up in thr motnibg atoun 930 to 1030 thrn shower, get rewdy for work then have a nap!!. I am ridiculously tired even my days off i dont do much.
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