Well i got through yesterday....

United States
January 20, 2018 7:24pm CST
I discovered yesterday that someone had been rummaging through what was left of my home, and taking what they wanted...I guess I could look at it pragmatically and say that's less for me to deal with....but my mind doesn't work that way. So I grumbled a lot and got ready for work. I got my Starbucks and got to work to find out I was releasing a lady who doesn't like me. She makes it known through her body language but she has never told anyone why she doesn't like me. I've never done anything to her and have always been nice...oh well it fits with the kind of day it was turning out to be. It was even more enjoyable as I got to view the woman I was releaving bent over kin her size 30 butt stuffed into size 8 leggings as she complained about the dirt she just vacuumed up from the shop floor being in the vacuum and her having to empty the vacuum. Gee it makes a day so bright! I finally made it through the shift and we decided to go to Subway for dinner. Two of my favorite sandwich makers were working. I had a ball tormenting them as usual. Bill and I had just sat down to eat when a homeless guy came in to tell the gals the he and his wife's stuff had been stolen. It kind of put my day in perspective. I reached in my wallet and got out a $5 and handed it to the man. Bill gave me one of his "You're a sucker" looks, but it felt good helping the guy out. He showed it to his wife and she squealed with joy. He ordered the cheapest sandwich on the menu and I decided to pay for their meal. I bought them the sandwich with extra meat and two bowls of soup. He took the meal out to where they were sitting and I could hear the squeals out of his wife. It felt great! We don't have all the stuff for the homeless, like shelters and places for them to get a hot meal. The nearest place for the homeless to get that kind of help is about 15 miles away. So, at least one night they got a good meal and some hot food in their stomachs.
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@shaggin (39638)
• United States
21 Jan
Aww that was so incredibly sweet of you. It's wondeful how helping others can make us feel good!
@LadyDuck (188200)
• Switzerland
21 Jan
You are a sweet woman, you made two people happy. It is sad that there are no shelters and free meals for the homeless where you are.
@sallypup (29949)
• Moses Lake, Washington
21 Jan
That was good of you to help those people. We have a "warming station" for the homeless. In my winter's cold, I feel we need more than just a place for folks to sit for an hour or so but its not up to me.
@Kandae11 (40339)
21 Jan
It was very nice of you to pay for their meal.