Have you played Yandere Simulator?

Quezon, Philippines
January 24, 2018 4:32pm CST
I have been playing this game since my sister introduced it to me last December. Now I find myself spending hours playing and watching about it on YouTube. This game is yet to be released as full but even in development phase I'd say this is going to be the next big thing and I'm gonna tell you why: 1. While the characters are so ka-wai-i, the actual theme of the game is to eliminate your rivals in winning your Senpai's heart. There's lots of ways to eliminate them and you can get as creative as the game allows. 2. Other than murdering people, there's a ton of easter eggs you can activate while in the game. For example, you can turn into a super saiyan, the female slenderman, medusa and a lot more! 3. You can take panty shots and use them as currencies in exchange for services you can use for your elimination scheme. I highly recommend you check this game out. It's totally free (for now).
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@dodoazo (21584)
• Philippines
25 Jan
It is interesting and entertaining though. But I am sorry I am not used to playing computer game. The last time I played is Farmville in the Facebook and Plants vs. Zombies.
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@cupkitties (7544)
• United States
25 Jan
I have a feeling my daughter my daughter would play this. We both love anime. She's more into anime based games than I am though.
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@rheicel (7296)
• Philippines
25 Jan
It's my first time hearing about it. Welcome to Mylot.
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• Quezon, Philippines
25 Jan
Thank you :D
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@bela360 (1686)
• Saint Lucia
24 Mar
Have never played must try.
• Calgary, Alberta
14 Feb
It is the easies game to get a following with at Youtube. I want to play the game once it is complete. for now it is still a beta unfinished game. I am waiting for Osana's release.
@MALUSE (44537)
• Uzbekistan
25 Jan
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