Too much is too bad.

@sleela (27)
January 30, 2018 12:20am CST
It is said- “All the water in a mighty ocean can’t sink a ship, Until and unless the water of the ocean is allowed to enter into the ship.” Similarly only, a person’s health will not be affected, unless he takes some sort of worry/anxiety deep into his mind. For instance- Dr. Chopra was a famous surgeon residing in Bangalore, he had the credit of having assisted and performed around 1000 heart surgeries at his age of 65. But, unfortunately around 3% of the surgeries carried out by him independently were not successful and the patients succumbed to death during the post-operative recovery period for various reasons. One day, when Dr. Chopra was relaxing after lunch, he received telephonic a call from Bombay medical college where his only daughter, Dolly was studying medicine. The gentleman on the other end of the telephone said that his daughter Dolly has been admitted to Appollo hospital in Bombay when she complained of chest pain while she was attending classes, and asked him to start at once. Mr. And Mrs. Chopras did not waste a single minute reached Bombay and they were by the side of their daughter around 8 pm. Dr. Chopra assessed the condition of his daughter and asked the hospital authorities to arrange for a heart surgery the very next morning, and also requested to permit him to participate in the process of surgery. Since the hospital authorities were well aware of his fame and credentials of Chopra they acceded to his request. The next day, in the operation theater when Dr. Chopra took the lancet to cut Dolly’s skin, tears were running down his cheeks and his hand was unsteady and he could not cut it; because, Dolly was not some mere patient for him like any other patients, but she was his own beloved daughter and apple of his eye. With the help of other doctors, he completed the surgery and the patient was shifted to the ICU. Though the operation was completed successfully, and the patient was shifted to ICU, somehow, he was having a feeling of irksomeness and was not having peace of mind. He often went to her ward several times and checked her health condition and tried to console his disturbed mind. On the third of shifting her to ICU, when he went to see his daughter early in the morning, he was shell-shocked to see her dead. He shouted NO! And fell unconscious. He was treated there in the hospital, but he lost the mental balance, and he started to cry continuously, saying, 'He only has killed his Dolly!' And it took many years medical of care, for him to become normal. Amongst, a few death cases after post operation by Dr Chopra, Dr. Chopra can never forget the case of Raju a boy of 20 years, who was only the son to his parents, succumbed to death on the third day of his heart surgery conducted by him. On the day of death of Raju, his parents came and protested before Dr. Chopra saying, it was a medical negligence that took toll of their son. But The Dr. Chopra retaliated and shouted at a high pitch, that it was not a medical negligence because he survived for three days after surgery, in-spite of the fact, his inner conscious was pricking him for infallible blunder he had committed while conducting the operation. Anyway, that was a mistake that had crept in inadvertently and not intentionally. On the day of death of his daughter Dolly, when he learned that his daughter is dead, the case of Raju flashed into his mind and understood that he has committed the same mistake while operating his beloved daughter Dolly also. He lost his mental balance and started crying, “he only has killed his Dolly!” When Raju died Dr. Chopra did not take it into his mind deeply; so, he did not get worried even though Raju died on account of his mistake. But, when Dolly died, he took the blame personally and lost his mental balance even though he did not commit the mistake intentionally.
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30 Jan
Hope he would have realized it previously..then things would have been better
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@Sreekala (23738)
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30 Jan
I remember another proverb,' we reap only what we sow'. It is sad indeed to face such situations in life. But, we human beings realizes only after tragedies happens in our life.