A sample of my poetry. (This work is owned by me but unpublished)

Summerville, Georgia
February 3, 2018 2:54am CST
Lachrymal Life A random bullet, and the child is gone; innocent in her bed, now to sleep too long. Why does the evil live, when the pure are taken? Man no longer loves, and the children are forsaken. If no one is willing to stop the strife, what is left is only lachrymal life. (c)2011 John Woolard
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@nanette64 (17934)
• Fairfield, Texas
3 Feb
A very good poem @JAWwriting . I do poetry as well. I've had 7 published from 2004-2007. Of course I still do poetry here too,
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@dodoazo (21336)
• Philippines
3 Feb
I like your poem. It's simple but has a message to share why life is sorrowful. It's because an innocent little is asleep and was killed by a stray bullet from a heartless culprit. Why it did happen? That's the big question to be answered to give justice to innocent sleeping child.
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@aureliah (18467)
• Kenya
3 Feb
I like the peom which makes a lot of sense.