Idea Journal

Summerville, Georgia
February 3, 2018 7:31pm CST
Have you ever had an idea that you thought would make a nice story (or song, or poem) just to later forget it or have it just at the edge of your memory? As a writer your best friend is a little notebook and pen. I carry in my pocket everywhere a little 4 inch by 3 inch note book and write quick little thoughts throughout the day. Though 99.99% of what I write in it will never be used the other .01% has grown into several works. So my advice is to write it all in there and someday you may be stuck and will have pages upon pages to read through to spark a little flame under your writing. Who needs a muse when you have all your past thoughts?
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@Wowtalk (476)
• Jamaica
26 Feb
This happen to me too if I don't immediate write it down It is lost.
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@vera5d (4006)
• United States
8 Feb
I always keep a notebook AND my smartphone nearby to write ideas down as they come! My bigger challenge is like you said - 99% of the things may never get used! It seems like I am ALWAYS inspired by almost everything, and people wonder where I get all my ideas from. I can't not go through life though and be inspired. Sometimes it is something funny, other times it is something serious, but either way it is always a good way to stay aware of your thoughts. You never know when a few lines here and there can turn into something BIG!
@redurnet (1588)
• United Kingdom
4 Feb
I like that we have smartphones now as I use mine to type down any poetic thoughts I have during the day when I'm out and about.
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@dodoazo (21432)
• Philippines
4 Feb
I am not used to it. I depend from my thoughts who just come flowing like a river. Ideas keep on pouring as I take time to write them down. I am a one-minute writer. I never take any best timing, best place, best inspiration or whatever. If I want to write, I write. I am very thankful for such talent I have had.
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@id_peace (7633)
• Singapore
25 Mar
I wrote a lot of ideas
@LovelyxOdd (1201)
• United States
4 Feb
I used to have tons of thought journals with ideas and poems... story ideas. I also used to write stories, tried to write a book once but never finished. And sometimes I will record memos on my phone of ideas of songs or anything really.
@valmnz (12744)
• New Zealand
4 Feb
I do keep my ideas in a journal but somehow I have so many new ideas daily I'm never stuck for writing material. Often the idea never seems as exciting or as relevant when I revisit it.
@toniganzon (53346)
• Philippines
4 Feb
I carry a leather traveler's notebook with me every day. I use lots of planner journals for different uses including writing down my thoughts. I'm not a write though but I just love writing down my daily activities.
@oahuwriter (3527)
• United States Minor Outlying Islands
4 Feb
You are so right. Some books appear in your head as an idea. This idea may or may not blossom into a real book, but the idea is important for that's where all creations come from. In our busy everyday world we can easily and suddenly have a very good poem then in a second it's gone. You're sitting there smiling because of the poem then when you'd like to write it down, it's gone. It's good to write your ideas down as soon as they pop up with a notebook. When you got your quiet time to expand your ideas into more, you'll have the notebook to refer to.