Has this happened to u?

@mayammb (1818)
November 27, 2006 2:28pm CST
Every day the 1st post i do gets posted but the number by the side of the name decreases e.g. Say if it was 40 when i started posting after my 1st post it becomes 39 and then after the next post it becomes 40 and then it is ok for the rest of the posts. I'm just wondering wat could be the problem. Has it happened to u? Please tell me.
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@luskas (3429)
• Portugal
27 Nov 06
Yes it happens to me all the time, and sometimes is 5 or 7 points. DonĀ“t quite know why that happens
@kutchi (12331)
• Pakistan
27 Nov 06
yes sometimes
@emarie (5453)
• United States
27 Nov 06
it hasn't gone down for me, it just doesn't move, but i've seen some times, i post a topic and i lose a few points...its nothing much...
• United States
27 Nov 06
Never happened to me before, that sounds really strange. I wish I could help you out, good luck!
@tambdy (1969)
27 Nov 06
yeah i though it was just my amagination but i think this did happen to me a few times. Also i think it is weird how they work out how much you actually get paid. One minute you make $1 for 30 posts the next you make .43 for 100 posts what is happening.