Make yourself useful spread love don't expect a valentine be one instead...

@Alosri (80)
Hyderabad, India
February 14, 2018 7:37pm CST
This article has nothing to do with quote but it inspired me to write one(Thanks to that friend for such an eye opening quote which I silently copy pasted it here)....... Whole city was decorated with red balloons,my FB profile and Wass app status were filled with friend's beautiful quotes and pictures about love.Couples were everywhere holding each other's hand.Some were wearing red dresses while others were searching meaning of color which was already hidden in their dresses. All these things were running on my head, my past also added to it as a cherry on the top....All promises were broken and all dreams were vanished ... I got a call which distracted me .. It displayed childhood picture of mine with my dad and mom.I was in auto but still i lifted it .Dad asked about my headache which I had on last Friday ...Mom asked about my food which I already had half an hour before .. Few promises will be never made but, it will be always kept safe ... Few dreams will never get vanished because it is not the dreams which we build ,it's dreams which they will build for us from the day we born .... They don't tell you that they love you,they show it. They don't tell you " i will stay with you forever" but they stand by you forever They wont promise you anything but they bring you all the happiness in the world at your feet. They forgive us before we apologize. They never say "you have changed" they understands you.... Selfless, Pure and unconditional love ... He ha ha but it will take 25 years for us to understand it and we say we love someone else who come to our life a day before ??? I guess I conveyed what I wanted too......Comment down what you fell right now..Enjoy the day....
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@dodoazo (22044)
• Philippines
15 Feb
Be contented of what you have and don't ask for more that you may only waste them. This is more than a Valentine's wish.
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@MissNikki (2696)
• Canada
19 Feb
I love this post. I understand what you are saying at the end here ... "it will take 25 years for us to understand it and we say we love someone else who come to our life a day before ?" We can show our love to the people in our life everyday, not just Valentine's Day.
@Alosri (80)
• Hyderabad, India
19 Feb
Ya that's true.. what im trying to say is..parents love is more important than anything in the world... Parents love is selfless and pure. Have A nice day
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