Think of life regrets as lessons learned???

February 25, 2018 2:19pm CST
I ended a very long term relationship due to finding out my ex has been lying to me. I know he has a huge problem with his personality but there is something that is wrong with me for believing his lies. Since the breakup I have sought therapy to get to my issues and why I pick the wrong men for me. Talk about regrets!!!!! But the lessons I have learned are many. Boundaries Ultimatums Codependency Toxic relationships Future faking Narcissists behavior Being a human rug
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@mydanods (6747)
• Nigeria
25 Feb
You did great by ending a cheating relationship. You deserve the best and a faithful partner.
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• Philippines
26 Feb
yeah... for me it's true.. there's a lesson in our regrets... a lot of lessons we'll learn by those regrets specially if it base on love... like me.. i regret's of giving too much and end up few remains.. but it's ok.. those lessons are priceless.. you will remember that for the next relationship, you already know what to do...
• Philippines
26 Feb
I believe in the title of your discussion. The unexpected happening in your life that you regret for will be better to set it as lesson than holding grudges. The experiences that are not good would be a bridge to build a better relationship to someone with more lessons we have learned. It may not something we like but it may mold us to be a good person.
• Bridgton, Maine
25 Feb
One benefit of learning from your mistakes is you can sometimes teach other people to not make the same mistakes that you did. You can really make a difference in the lives of others this way.
@Corbin5 (119302)
• United States
25 Feb
You have shared some good tips for those who want to avoid being treated badly by another.
@MALUSE (44612)
• Uzbekistan
25 Feb
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