Jeans are my favorite office dress

@deba12 (3082)
March 5, 2018 11:14am CST
Wherever you go, you will feel comfortable in jeans. At least that's what I think. Jeans are my favorite office wear irrespective of the weather. However, I prefer to wear it most during winter. The thickness of jeans fabric helps me to stay warm. Moreover, jeans give me an elegant and smart look. It is easy to wear and you can go almost anywhere by putting it on.
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• Cuddalore, India
5 Mar
But wearing jeans is not good for health,if you were living in a hot zoned country.It may cause tumor in reproductive organs because of extreme heat.So better wear any apparels that provide comfortable air flow, just my view.
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@MALUSE (44626)
• Uzbekistan
5 Mar
If your jeans are elegant and smart, then they're ok. Yet, many people wear torn jeans with holes everywhere and look like bums.
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@rheicel (7296)
• Philippines
7 Mar
I love wearing jeans. I'm more comfortable wearing it.
@wongchoiyee (7443)
• Malaysia
6 Mar
In my country, we do not wear jeans to office unless if you are working in other field.
• New Delhi, India
6 Mar
Obviously jeans are the most comfortable outfit for all the ladies in today's world
@Shortail (862)
• Philippines
5 Mar
And the good thing about jeans, no one notice that the person wearing that jeans for a week now.
@anikoonline (3258)
• Hungary
5 Mar
I like jeans, but I usually wear more elegant clothes at work.
@Corbin5 (119431)
• United States
5 Mar
When I taught, teachers could not wear jeans to work, but I wear jeans every day since I am retired.