November 27, 2006 5:04pm CST
what is life all about?
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@len1415 (195)
• Philippines
28 Aug 10
Our life here on earth is just a bridge that we need to pass by in order to get there to another that is everlasting and eternal. So we have to live our life to the fullest cause we're gonna be here only once.
• Philippines
25 Jun 10
Life is a God's breath. God created man in a unique way, every thing God created out of nothing except man, When God created the plants, animals and every thing except man He just spoke and it was, but when God created man He formed man from a dust and the woman from the bone of a man. after God formed man He breathed it into his nostrils the breath of Life to became a living soul(Genesis 2:7). Our life is came from God and we ought to value it and we ought to praise God every day of our life because that is the main purpose why God created us(Revelation 4:11). we can praise God every day of our life by doing the right thing, by doing things that is pleasing to him.
• India
11 Jul 07
every creatures life is like bubble of water in the air ,no body knows when it will be broken .but we must not see for that ,god had given a great gift that is our birth.have the life ,enjoy the life.every mans life has a purpose of great know your destiny reach your destiny in your life satisfy your birth and enjoy your life every one will follows body is greater than you you are perfect more than any one have this feeling always and go with on your life.if you will die you can not do any thing.get every thing now only .always we have to remember these things in the word of success if we miss a single letter we can pronounce like this if we miss u we will pronounce it ,if we will miss nay letter it will pronounce but if we will miss u we can not pronounce that .it means with out u there is no success for you .the reason for your success is you only .no one will achieve your success so be with your life .live like a legend .achieve every thing and any thing you want.all the best for your future
• South Africa
27 Nov 06
For me life is all about love. Love in all it's forms for me makes the world go round. To love and to be loved is to live a great life :)